Some Amtrak high-speed trains to begin offering WiFi service in the spring

The increasing need – and ability – to stay connected on the go is leading to rapid WiFi connectivity from commuter buses to airlines to Ford’s SYNC. Beginning in March, business travelers on Amtrak’s Acela trains traveling between Boston, New York and Washington will be able to stay connected while on the go. Amtrak said it will begin offering wireless internet service on the high-speed trains that run along the busy Northeast corridor, as it attempts to grow its business in the troubled economy. The service will be free to start, but long-term unpaid availability remains uncertain. In the official release, the company said it would deploy WiFi technology on Acela Express and make it available to every passenger initially free of charge. Amtrak spokesperson, Tracy Connell, told the Baltimore Sun that Amtrak would gauge customer response before deciding whether to charge for the service. Close to 11 million passengers rode Acela and other Amtrak trains along the Northeast corridor in the 2008 fiscal year, according to Amtrak.


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