Spam a weighty proposition: emails offering weight loss products see high clicks, conversions

Despite the efforts of legitimate marketers, email security programs and spam filters, if a recent study published in the Southern Medical Journal is correct, spam may be worth its weight in gold for the weight loss industry. Results of a study conducted by Joshua Fogel., an associate professor of the business program at the department of economics at Brooklyn College, and Sam Shlivko, showed that the promise of quick-fix weight loss was a big draw. Some 18.5 percent of those who described themselves as suffering from weight issues bought products, while 5 percent of those without those hurdles purchased them, the study said. Open rates were also high with more than 40 percent of those with weight problems opening messages. “It appears that many young adults are turning to spam email as a way to address their weight problem concerns,” Fogel said. “This is of concern as there is no quality control for what is advertised in spam email. These products can range from harmless to potentially dangerous.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control said that less than half of U.S. adults are at a healthy weight.


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