Expect smartphone security to increase over next five years

From anti-virus software to fingerprint sensors, smartphone users can expect big things in security measures as hackers increasingly target them, according to a recent report. According to a new study by ABI Research, the number of smartphones protected by advanced security software will increase dramatically over the next five years. “Although malware has been seen in mobile handsets, in the past it has not done much damage,” says ABI Research vice president Stan Schatt. “But smartphones have access to more sensitive data every year, and security must be tightened to prevent the theft or loss of important business information. Users – especially those who are part of business’ mobile workforce – can expect to see security client software loaded on a mobile terminal, and a service to remotely lock a handset, erase its data, or locate it, according to the report. Furthermore, ABI said that large enterprises will buy mobile device management platforms to use within their IT departments, and smaller enterprises or even consumers will use managed security services, as wireless carriers increasingly offer security services to their customers.


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