Adopt a Social Media Policy for More Business

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You may not realize it, but when it comes to Social Media many people can affect your brand. In fact, your employees are often unintentional spokespeople for your company. Both on Twitter and on Facebook, your employees are sure to be talking about your company. The problem is, they may be doing so in a less than professional fashion, which will ultimately affect your company in the long run. In fact, offensive behavior and image issues are among the most common problems that surface when employees mix business with personal use of social-networking sites. To avoid damage to your company’s image, you should craft your own social media policy.

For example, one policy that many companies adopt is the policy of directing employees to mention their company in their Twitter or Facebook posts only when their update is appropriately coordinated with their company’s marketing department. Or you can decide that while your employees aren’t required to clear every Twitter and Facebook update in advance they, are expected without exception to speak with your company executives before creating any new social-media page specifically related to your company, your subsidiaries, or any of your products.

Here are four ways your business can benefit from establishing a Social Media policy.

Protect your company’s Image

A social media policy takes the guesswork out of what is appropriate for employees to post about your company to their social networks. As a general rule, they shouldn’t write anything they wouldn’t want plastered on the front page of a newspaper. Be sure to send out your guidelines by email and include them in your employee handbook, reminding your employees that what they say about your company matter. Your guidelines should also provide specific advice on acceptable profile photos and how to respond if a journalist contacts an employee through their personal networks.

Reduce Confusion about Legal Issues

Social media policies also help business owners and managers avoid legal problems that relate to slander and privacy.

Client Relationships

Social Media damage doesn’t affect your company; it affects the companies that are known to associate with you. If your reputation is affected through Social Media use, you are bound to lose a few clients.

Raise Brand Awareness

An added bonus to having a Social Media policy is that a policy provides clear guidelines that can also help employees understand the ways that they can use social media to help achieve business goals. For example, your policy could advise employees how they can comment on blogs or social networks to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to the company’s site. By emphasizing the positive aspects of your new Social Media policy, you have a better chance of inspiring a positive reaction from your employees.

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