Americans searching for answers on the internet

Americans are turning to the internet for information and then are increasingly performing more online searches to find what they are looking for, according to the latest figures from media metrics firm comScore. According to the company’s U.S. search engine rankings for January 2010, Google and Yahoo each processed 2 percent more queries during January 2010 than they did during December 2009. Additionally Microsoft sites saw a 9 percent increase in the amount of queries during the same timeframe. The rise in Microsoft’s searches was also reflected in its overall share of the search engine market, with its Bing search engine growing 0.6 percent to a total share of 11.3 percent of the search market. Even with the rise for Bing, Google continued to lead the search engine world with 65.4 percent of the market during January. Yahoo, which has recently made a case that it is not leaving the search engine arena has a 17.0 percent share, according to the report. Ask Network grabbed a 3.8 percent share for the month (up 0.1 percent) while AOL’s search service dropped 0.1 percent to a 2.5 percent share. Americans performed 15.2 billion searches in January, a 3 percent rise from December, the company said.


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