Study: Web addicts may be more depressed

In what it said was the “first large-scale study of Western young people to consider the relationship between internet addiction and depression,” the University of Leeds said it found that people who spend more time surfing the web are more likely to show symptoms of depression. The researchers found that unlike typical internet users, there are some who have more compulsive habits that they use to replace social interaction, impacting their mental health with some even showing moderate to severe depression. Lead author Dr. Catriona Morrison, from the University of Leeds said that unlike those that utilize technology to do everyday things such as shop and pay bills, there are some that spend so much time online it gets in the way of doing those everyday things. “The internet now plays a huge part in modern life, but its benefits are accompanied by a darker side,” said Morrison. According to the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, it is unknown exactly how many people suffer from internet addiction but with estimates at one in eight Americans displaying at least one symptom, “internet addiction is now considered a serious disorder being considered for inclusion in the upcoming revision of the DSM-V.”


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