Even on the road, people are staying connected

Data from the world’s largest hospitality internet network, iBAHN, show that, despite challenging business conditions, internet use by both business and leisure guests at leading hotels, as measured by number of data packets per guest session traveling on iBAHN’s proprietary network, increased more than 50 percent in 2009. iBAHN said that the data showed that, in addition to the data increase, road warriors are spending 60 percent more time on the internet while traveling. An earlier study done for the company by Ypartnership of business travelers discovered that while on the road it’s not all business for these travelers. YPartnership discovered that more than two-thirds of frequent business travelers have downloaded music onto their computers,while nearly 60 percent have downloaded video. Additionally, more than one-half have downloaded news or entertainment onto their computers. But all this use of bandwidth may keep costs higher for those on the road, as the study said that “the ‘free to guest’ model of providing free access in all locations of the hotel at all times to all guests is economically unrealistic.”


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