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Ascentive Around the City: University City Continued…

Rena from Ascentive shares more pictures of University City

St. Mary’s Church on Locust Walk in University City.  The church was founded in 1827 and offers beautiful architecture.

This group of bike racks is just down the street from the church on Locust Walk.  It’s amazing how many bikes there are.

The Kelly Family Gates on Penn’s campus at the Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall.  All the hands are using different tools for art, I really love this photo.

A close up of the hands on the Kelly Family Gates.  The 56 bronze hands are done in great detail, each hand holds tools relating to the making of art.

If you would like more information about St. Mary’s, click here

If you would like more information about The Kelly Family Gates, check out this article


Ascentive Around the City: Penn University

Rena from Ascentive takes a look around the University Of Penn, in West Philadelphia.

Penn is a huge sprawling campus, that takes up most of what is called the University City part of West Philly.

Penn was the brain child of Ben Franklin. Above is a picture of Ben hanging out on a park bench in the middle of Penn’s campus.

Penn’s campus is a mixture of Modern structures and old brick and stone buildings.

Above is one of the many older buildings which are old and very regal looking.

One of my favorite things to do on Penn’s campus is to walk down the Locust walk. It is a really beautiful walk, one which always makes me feel smarter (must be all the learning that is happening).

I’ve got plenty of more pictures of Penn, so I’ll share more of them next week.

Check out Penn here.

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