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Ascentive Favorite Places: Love Park

Ascentive ‘s Rena gives us a look at Love Park.

The Love statue is probably one of the most iconic images of Philadelphia, besides perhaps the liberty bell. The Park is nice and normally busy.

The fountains are still empty. I’m sure there will be water soon, it continues to gets warmer. Although today has a little chill in the air.

Even though there is no water in the fountain, the park is still nice. There are a lot of flowers and trees. Although this is one of few daffodils still in bloom.

The Park is right in the middle of Center City, just off the 15th street stop. Its a nice place to eat lunch or hang out on the weekends.

Although if you come on the weekend in the summer, you won’t find the park empty. Its hard to see in the picture, but the Art Museum is far in the back ground.

For more information on Love Park, Click Here

Ascentive Favorite Places: Art Museum Cont.

After Last weeks post I found that I had a ton of left over pictures of the Art Museum area. So here are more of my favorites.

There are just so much wonderful architecture that is apart of the Art Museum’s main building.

This is the sight that visitors see after the climb the front stair case.

These fountains will be full of water soon, right now they look a little sad with out water.

And of course the flowering trees are just amazing around the Museum.

Here’s a look a one really beautiful tree going to town…

Next week I’ll be sharing some pictures of Love Park, stay tuned.

Ascentive’s Favorite Places: Art Museum

Ascentive’s Rena Moore out and about the city:

The Art Museum of Philadelphia is an amazing place. Even if you don’t go inside, which I highly recommend you do, it is a great area to walk around. There are some amazing gardens, the Water Works, and all of those stairs. Of course the flowering trees are just amazing. (Might be why my nose is running at the moment as well).

This is the back entrance of the Museum.

The details on the building are rather amazing. Even with out going inside there is a huge number of statues (including Rockie), wonderful gardens, hundreds of steps, and wonderful little details that you don’t at first notice.

Here are the front stairs, yes there are a lot of them.

As I said its a great place to visit. I enjoy just walking around the gardens. For more information on the Art Museum click here.


Ascentive's Favorite Places: German Society

Just down the street from the Ascentive offices is the German Society of Philadelphia.

The German Society in Philadelphia is the oldest of its kind in the country.

The building is very impressive. I loved the front door!

Right next door to the main building is a mural. It shows all the parts of America that German Immigrants helped to build.

Here is a close up of one of the panels.

If you get a chance to go check out the mural it is well worth it. Take a look at the website here

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