AmberWatch Foundation Launches AmberWatch TV VOD Channel

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The AmberWatch Foundation celebrated the planned launch of AmberWatch TV on Cablevision System Corp.’s iO TV® digital television service on Tuesday at a celebrity-filled, mid-day gala held at The Standard Hotel in New York City.  AmberWatch TV, a dedicated video-on-demand (VOD) channel, will be available across Cablevision’s nearly three million digital cable customers on iO TV® Channel 625 by the end of the month.

AmberWatch TV is the first interactive cable channel dedicated entirely to the preemptive protection of children. Delivered in partnership with global partners, AmberWatch presents a series of engaging and updated original content designed to educate kids, educate parents, and proactively inoculate both against the dangers of the modern world. Issues covered include cyberbullying, sex predator protection, online protection, and safe texting.

AmberWatch TV will break new ground as one of the first interactive VOD channels devoted entirely to parents, caregivers, and child safety.  The channel features a vast library of video-on-demand content and advanced features designed to drive awareness and viewer interaction.

To help celebrate the momentous launch event hosted by Chris Wragge of CBS’s The Early Show, AmberWatch was joined by key partners including Protext Mobility, MetLife and celebrities who have rallied in support of the Foundation and the launch of this important new TV channel.  McAfee and Protext Mobility made major technology and child-protection announcements benefiting both the Foundation and the local tri-state community.

Some of the Foundation’s Celebrity Champions include Selena Gomez, Ray Romano, Al Roker, Cheryl Hines, and Blair Underwood. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and Miss New York USA 2011, Amber Collins were in attendance.

AmberWatch TV is the shared vision of the AmberWatch Foundation, its partners, its “Foundation Champions”, law enforcement experts, and supportive parents nationwide, all of whom collectively decided that the time had come to make child safety a national priority. The interactive, on-demand channel is designed for parents and caregivers to help them make sense of the world that we live in and to equip them to make safe and healthy choices in the most important moments.

“Through engaging media and interactive on-demand content,” says Keith Jarrett, Founder of AmberWatch Foundation, “AmberWatch TV will teach parents and caregivers how to keep their kids safe and then supply them with all of the resources to do just that.”

“Cablevision’s branded VOD channels provide a wide array of organizations and advertisers a dedicated platform to engage directly with viewers,” said David Kline, President and COO of Cablevision Media Sales.  “AmberWatch TV is the latest VOD channel expanding the range of unique, targeted information services available to our iO TV digital cable customers.  We are pleased to be the first cable provider to offer AmberWatch TV, bringing educational information that will help the communities we serve stay more informed about child safety.”

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