Ten Ways to Avoid becoming the Office Doormat

Business tips from the Ascentive team

Anyone who’s ever had a job at a big company has probably felt disrespected and undervalued at some point. But for those of think of themselves as the office doormats of the world, disrespect and a lack of appreciation are daily facts of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Here are ten ways to avoid becoming an office doormat.

Have a Career Plan

First off, you need to have a career plan. A plan helps you to take a proactive staff toward your career and work environment, and provides you with a measure. Whenever you’re asked to do something that is not in line with that plan seek and alternative.

Never be an Accessory to the Crime
Most office doormats are at least partly responsible for their doormat status. Identify the reasons you’ve become a so you can start changing those behaviors as soon as possible.

Learn to Say No
It’s okay to say no at the workplace. You’re not helping anyone by taking on work that you can’t handle. Simply say that you plate is full with commitments.

Don’t Enable Coworkers’ Bad Behaviors
If your colleagues have gotten away with taking advantage of you in the past, they will do so again. Always be ‘too busy’ to get their coffee, and be ‘on a deadline’ so you can’t do their work for them.

Command Respect
Remember to politely speak up in your workplace to demand respect.

Have the Tough Conversations
Always have the tough conversations, even if you need prepare yourself by writing a script and practicing ahead of time. For example, if you’re underpaid, make an appointment with your boss to discuss the situation, and bring research that shows salary ranges for employees in your job.

Communicate on Your Boss’s Level
When talking to your manager, be sure to sandwich constructive feedback between positive statements. For example: “I enjoy working with you a great deal. But recently when I brought in my new client and you asked me to leave the meeting to make copies, I felt demeaned.” End the conversation with “Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I do really enjoy my job.”

Take Credit for What You Do
Always take credit for what you do, if not vocally at meetings, then through status reports.

Friday Recap
Finally, review your workweek on Friday in order to figure out what changes you need to make in your work environment. Don’t wait until some drama goes down in the office.

Polish Your Resume
Periodically update your resume. There’s always a chance that your job may be a no win situation, and you should be looking for a new job as soon as possible.

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