Reputation Creators launches Student Guard to combat CyberBullying

Internet security tips from the Ascentive team

The Internet has changed the world in more ways than we can ever imagine. Of course the Internet helps us immensely, the power and reach of the online world can also have devastating consequences. One problem both children and parents face daily is the spread of CyberBullying.

A cyberbully uses the Internet, cell phone, or other device to send or post text or images to try to hurt or embarrass other people. Whether it’s creating a fake Facebook or MySpace page to impersonate a fellow student, repeatedly sending hurtful text messages and images, or posting cruel comments on the Internet, Cyberbullying can have seriously harmful effects on children. Nasty comments, lies, embarrassing photos and videos, and snide polls can be spread widely through texting, and by posts on social networking sites like Facebook.

According to estimates, the average kid in the US now spends as much as seven hours on the Internet every day. That’s a lot of time spent online, and with a lot of bullies out there, anyone and everyone is open to threats and abuse. And it seems that the presence of countless social networking websites today has made the problem even worse. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube have made it easy for people to interact with each other online. Although these websites have plenty of positive aspects, they have given an impetus to CyberBullying.  The problem is that private information, embarrassing photos and slanderous comments can be easily posted on these sites and all of this definitely creates a negative impact. Unfortunately, CyberBullying can lead to depression, poor grades, anxiety, fighting, and, in some cases, suicide

Experts say that Cyberbullying has reached immense proportions. Although CyberBullying is illegal in many states in the US, parents still need to be particularly careful about what their children are doing online, and this is precisely where Tim Niedel can help.

Tim Niedel is the CEO of Reputation Creators Corp, a company that has emerged as the frontrunner in the campaign to stop the menace of Cyberbullying. The company has come out with a breakthrough product known as “Student Guard” which allows parents to keep tabs on what their kids are doing online.

Reputation Creator Corp’s Student Guard actually allows parents to access private and secured web portals at any time of the day to look at the videos, photos and text messages posted on these portals. This allows parents to monitor what their kid is doing at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the other social networking websites. Student Guard allows parents to protect their child, and can take preventive action if the child is trying to bully someone else.


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