Ascentive’s Favorite Places: Art Museum

Ascentive’s Rena Moore out and about the city:

The Art Museum of Philadelphia is an amazing place. Even if you don’t go inside, which I highly recommend you do, it is a great area to walk around. There are some amazing gardens, the Water Works, and all of those stairs. Of course the flowering trees are just amazing. (Might be why my nose is running at the moment as well).

This is the back entrance of the Museum.

The details on the building are rather amazing. Even with out going inside there is a huge number of statues (including Rockie), wonderful gardens, hundreds of steps, and wonderful little details that you don’t at first notice.

Here are the front stairs, yes there are a lot of them.

As I said its a great place to visit. I enjoy just walking around the gardens. For more information on the Art Museum click here.



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