10 Amazing Android Apps

From the FinallyFast help desk:

Although Apple’s iPhone is arguably the most popular handset currently available on the market, phones like the Samsung Galaxy S are picking up speed due to Google’s popular Android OS and its many applications. Here are ten Android Apps you should download the minute you buy your phone.

Phonebook: Phonebook is a contacts app that displays your contacts with pictures and contextual information like birthdays, missed calls, and unread text messages. The app comes with a landscape view & a dialer, and also allows you to synchronize and back up your contacts to your home computer.

Last FM Personal Radio: Last.fm is a personal radio station for your Android. Choose an artist or genre and the app builds a personalized playlist. The app also allows you to skip songs and pull up concerts.

Hi AIM: Hi Aim is an AIM chat client for the Android. The app sends your data through the network, resulting in no SMS fee. Hi AIM also supports smileys and chat bubble styles.

Nightclock: Great for travel, Nightclock turns your Android into a bedside alarm clock that also plays your MP3s. You can customize the color and brightness of the large numbers as well as adjust the volume. The app also comes with a snooze option for those of you who need a few more minutes of sleep.

Twidroid: Twidroid is a full-featured Twitter client app for the Android that features native photo posing, location support, auto-completion, fully integrated notification, and news updates from Twitter Buzz.

Sudoku: Sudoku brings the world famous puzzle game to the Android with four difficulty levels and an intuitive interface. And if you don’t have time to complete your game, you can exit the app and it will save the puzzle to finish later.

NBA Gametime: NBA Game Time is the NBA’s first, official live basketball app for the Android. Check out games for any day arranged by their start times. The app also includes detailed scoring, a playoff bracket and stats.

Calorie Counter: Calorie Counter is a food and nutrition app that allows you to scan any barcode to find calorie and nutrition info. The app also has a searchable database for restaurants and a function that allows you to record and track what you eat.

Pacman: If you grew up in the 80s — or just wish that you had — then Namco’s Pacman is the game for you. The Android version even comes with TrackBall Mode.

Ringdroid: There’s no sense paying for ringtones when you can just use Ringdroid and create your own ringtones for free. Ringdroid also lets you edit any mp3 on your phone via its graphical waveform editor, which is currently the only waveform editor available for the Android phone.


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