Security software company detects malware targeting iPad users

BitDefender, a security software company, released a report recently detailing a new malware that has been targeting iPad users, reports.

The virus reportedly spreads through emails sent to the device that requests users to download the latest version of iTunes in order to keep their device up-to-date for the best performance and newest features and security. The linked malicious file is named itunessetup.exe.

BitDefender claims that this file, when downloaded, installs a Trojan horse that allows hackers access to confidential information stored on the device, such as activation keys for software programs or passwords to accounts.

“The trick is pretty simple,” Catalin Cosoi, senior antivirus and malware researcher at BitDefender, said, relayed by My Gadget News. “When you have the iPad, you do expect to receive messages, maybe not email, but messages of some sort [from Apple] that say ‘We have finished an update, you have to get this update.’ They’re clever to do it this way.”

According to a report, a reported 600,000 iPads had been sold by the beginning of April.


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