Delaware earns fastest internet distinction

In its State of the Internet Report for the fourth quarter of 2009, Akamai – an internet market research group – found that Delware had the fastest average web speed of any of the United States. On both the East and West coasts, internet speed consistently ranked high, while the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions recorded the slowest speeds.

Delaware was followed on the list by New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Akamai claims that the presence of Verizon FiOS has led to increased average speed in states with access to the service. Even those who don’t use it have benefited because cable companies have boosted their broadband speeds to compete.

Akamai also found that cities that host large colleges or universities possess the fastest overall speeds. The top 10 cities in the U.S. by broadband speed all host at least one nationally recognized college or university. Berkeley, California is among the fastest cities in the world, followed closely by Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Stanford, California as the top three cities in the U.S.

Vermont ranked fourth on the list. Akamai took the measurements before Comcast completed its massive expansion of its capability in the state earlier this month. Eight-five percent of Vermont residents can now access dependable, high-speed internet.


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