U.S. Cyber Challenge names best hacker

While it may not get a spot on ESPN’s primetime schedule or have a documentary made about it as has happened with the World Seried of Poker and the National Spelling Bee, 15 “all star” hackers recently competed in the U.S. Cyber Challenge, according to a report by CNN. The contestants of varying ages and states of employment- who were huddled in a conference room at a Washington, D.C. hotel – may have been competing for more than bragging rights, according to the event organizers. Organizers said that the competition is aimed at identifying young people with exceptional computer skills and inspiring them to join the ranks of cyber security specialists needed to protect systems used by the military, industry and everyday people as “the top guns in cyber security.” Begning in June and encompassing several earlier rounds, winners were brought to Washington to compete in NetWars as a moderator threw a series of computer hurdles and roadblocks to further challenge the hackers and test their knowledge about computer vulnerabilities by hacking into target computers, while defending their computers from attack. Chris Benedict, 21, of Nauvoo, Illinois was named the winner.


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