Windows 7 has call center workers feeling like the ‘Maytag repairman’

While Microsoft has crowed in the past about the sales of Windows 7, it is now turning to something that means more to PC users – satisfied customers. Microsoft said the volume of calls to its support lines is half of what it expected. “Overall we are finding our call center volume is down significantly more than we expected,” Barbara Gordon, vice president of customer support for Microsoft told CNET. While some of the drop can be chalked-up to Windows 7, perhaps, being less problematic than previous releases, some of it may be that users have new ways of finding answers to the problems that do exist – through an online forum called Microsoft Answers and via the Microsoft Helps feed on Twitter. Much like the support forums on Apple’s website, users submit questions on the Microsoft Answers forums and experienced community members offer answers that Microsoft workers later validate to make sure they are correct. Meanwhile, Twitter users can post a tweet with “@microsofthelps” in the message and Microsoft will respond. A team of seven employees dedicated full time to the project work with the broader support organization to respond to the many tweets. So far, Microsoft has validated some 60,000 solutions on the forums, according to the CNET report.


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