The rush is on for new netbook app store

Feel you missed out on the app rush with your idea for the iPhone? Well, it’s not too late to get your idea (or just find one for your own use) on the fast track as Intel and PC makers prepare to launch an app store for netbooks in 2010. Intel Corporation has made its beta version of the Intel Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit (SDK) available for Microsoft Windows and Moblin-based operating systems developers. The kit helps software companies and individuals design and submit apps for Intel-based netbooks to ultimately sell at stores opening next year. “We have a lot of developers right now jumping all over this and writing apps and getting them ready,” Scott Apeland, director of Intel’s Developer Network, told CNET. “Today, you can actually submit applications and get them in validation and be one of the first in the store when we have that available next year. We don’t have specific dates. It’s how fast we can get it up and ready.” Apeland said that there were “tens of thousands” visiting the company’s website, with thousands joining before the software development kit or tools were available.


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