New Firefox version could boost internet speed

Software developer Mozilla today released a beta of the new version of its popular Firefox web browser. Firefox 3.6 Beta, the company says, will feature upgraded internet speed performance and be less vulnerable to attack by malware.

The new version of Firefox, though it is not yet fully functional, uses a new web engine called Gecko 1.9.2 to provide quicker access to web pages and improved usability and support. Firefox 3.6 Beta will support full-screen web video and HTML 5 for a more streamlined experience with cutting-edge content.

While Google Chrome and independently-manufactured Opera still outperform Firefox on internet speed tests, neither of the two faster browsers are available for Macs, making the announcement of a faster Firefox good news for Apple fans. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the dominant force in the market, but outside competitors like Firefox are building strong reputations.

Firefox will help make browsing sessions more secure with pop-up alerts for out-of-date versions of plug-ins being used by the browser. Unpatched and old versions of any software product can make computers vulnerable to exploits and malware.


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